7 Tips How to Startup Online Business

by Jade Small

Intro to How to startup online business

If you are thinking about starting an online business, you have come to the right place. We will explain to you how to get going about SEO, advertising, and everything you need to get up and running.

Starting an online business might seem simpler than brick and mortar premises, but there are still many obstacles you could face. Whether you are a seasoned web pro or just starting, it is important to understand exactly what you need to get your new online business off the ground by doing enough research and learning as many skills as possible!

Having an online business can help you reach many more potential clients or customers than a regular store. Startup costs can be a lot lower too, and it can be easier to manage from home than going to work every day. Once you have your winning idea for your new online business, you will need a name, and you will need a website. Start by Purchasing your domain name (remember, it should be easy to remember and interesting enough to stand out). Choose a host, and if you don’t know how to set up your online business, you can also hire someone to help you with this, or take an online course to help you learn yourself!

You will need to decide on a marketing strategy for your product. Learn how to sell, promote, and sell your product. You have many different ways of reaching potential clients ranging from organic SEO, social media, and paid advertising on Google or social media.

Here are some important tips to get you started on your journey!

Define niche in the market and know how to solve the problem

All businesses start with a good idea. Before you can make money, you’ll need to find a product or idea with a high potential to be profitable. 

If you are struggling to come up with an idea or product, you can try beginning with a niche market - this means finding a smaller and more unique part of a larger idea to concentrate on. You will now be able to help your client with their very specific needs or wants and help solve their issues faster and better than a bigger company.

Why website is important

Having a website is just like having a real store. This is how people will find you online so they can buy your product or pay for your services or subscriptions. It is important to have a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Having a storefront that is nice to look at is important too!

Learn how to write copy that sells

You’ve got a product and a website, but now you need to encourage people to buy what you are selling! If you are not able to hire a copywriter to do this for you, it will be hugely beneficial to learn about how to do it yourself. Customers want to see proper grammar and spelling. Headings are the most important part so learn how to write a compelling product headline and be as specific and informative as you can be.

Why SEO is important for business

SEO is a word many people don’t understand, but for an online business, it’s one of the most important. Not only does SEO help improve your website for the user, which helps encourage them to return, but it will help you rank higher on Google, which helps you get noticed and to gain more customers. 

Good SEO will help you gain trust and credibility from customers and help you develop good credibility online. Google makes changes to its algorithm every year, so it’s important to stay on top of good SEO practice and keep up with the times to make sure your website continues to rank well in google search results.

Ensuring your website SEO is in order is a long term investment that will pay off - SEO will help you gather high quality converting traffic!

Why email list building is important

Make sure you start collecting emails from customers right away! You will be able to engage with your clients on a more personal level by emailing them when you want to. By thanking them for their purchase after a sale, you are essentially creating a personal relationship. You will also be able to offer them specials and remind them to come back to your store by sending emails to your email list. The bigger your list becomes, the more possible customers, and that means more possible sales!

Remember, not having a proper set up to collect email addresses is essentially a huge waste. You could be losing out on 100s of potential customers, so make sure you start your email building list as soon as possible!

What is upselling

This is a technique that is used to try to get customers to spend more than they planned to, such as a VIP or premium version of the software or item or perhaps an add on that compliments the product they are buying, so that your end sale amounts to more. Using Upselling methods can help you turn a higher profit with higher sales.

By using upselling techniques, you can offer your customers more before they knew they needed it but also offer products that will benefit them in the long run.

Scale up your business by PPC ads

If nobody is clicking on your website, you are not going to be making any sales. One way of gaining traffic to your website is with PPC advertising.

PPC means Pay-Per-Click. This method of advertising can be very cost-effective as you only pay your advertising company per client who clicks on your advertisement. It’s a method of ethically buying traffic to your website, which can generate more visibility, leads, and sales. Think about it like this, if you are paying $3 per click to your website and that click results in a $100 sale, you have made a good profit on your PPC ad!

The best part about PPC ads is how well you can target your ads. You can ensure people from certain areas, with certain genders and ages, are seeing the right product for them. You can go as far as targeting by language, interests, and even what kind of device they use to access the internet!

Conclusion of how to startup online business

Many people only dream of starting their own online business. For some, it will be a way to earn extra cash on the side while still working their normal 9-5 job. For those who have enough ambition and drive, starting an online business can turn into a hugely successful and profitable full-time business.

Jade Small

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